Sunday, 13 December 2009

Bioclimatic Architecture

Its the responsible way to design and build our houses from now on.

Building a house, using efficient ways to reduce or eliminate its energy needs and impact at the environment, has extra costs.
The initial extra costs though, can be saved off the bills and even start paying off after a few years (imagine having a warm house/warm water during the winter, or a cool relaxing place at summer, all day long, paying minimal to no bills for as long you live there).
Without even mentioning enviroment, which of cource is important,
a)The leaps forward of technology (better solar panels etc.),
b)The high increase rates of energy costs,
c)The independence of being able to produce one's own energy,
d)The new legislation here in greece ,and all over EU of cource, to reduce buildings' energy consumptions,
should be good enough reasons for everyone of us to aknowledge the potential of building/buying such a house.
The above video clip shows such an example (although at an extreme size).A beautiful bioclimatic house ,fully in harmony with the surrounding place.

Greek laws about energy consumption restriction policies here.
An easy to read article about Bioclimatic Design and Passive Solar Systems here

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  1. Hi there, how is the dream progressing? We have the same dreams and are lloking for somewhere to make them happen! Chris